Voluntary STR Conversion to Long Term Rental

Randy Briley
August 4, 2021
Fredericksburg Standard

In my prior career I had a manager who once told us not to come to her with problems without offering possible solutions, with that in mind, it occurred for me take the same approach with the STR controversy.


I recently reached out to the City of Port Aransas to understand how they have approached their STR market. Their market and seasonal peaks certainly differ from ours. Port A is still rebuilding after hurricane Harvey and has quite a few multi-family units, but eventually the same issue of neighborhoods, parking, noise, and trash all surfaced as issues we all shared. Port A city council drafted and implemented STR ordinances similar to Fredericksburg. However, they also took action on a carrot approach as well. Port A developed a flexible development plan for property owners to consider voluntarily converting to long term rentals to support their teachers, nurses and town workforce.


While the plan that Port A development might not perfectly fit the Fredericksburg market, I believe it is worth the effort to investigate what incentives might work here. We have something very special with our town of Fredericksburg that needs creative thoughts and ideas to continue to be a beautiful place to live, work and to grow.