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Ukraine Relief Partnership

The Fredericksburg STR Alliance announces partnership efforts to provide relief to Ukrainian refugees.

By placing a donation through Airbnb, 100% of your donation will go toward connecting people with short term housing. Stays are completely free for guests of the program. works with other nonprofit partners who book and coordinate stays for refugee guests.

All funds will go towards those displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Airbnb in partnership will be waiving any and all process fees to support this cause.

The Fredericksburg STR Alliance stated that working with Airbnb would help speed the process of providing much needed funding directly to those in most immediate need for housing. We are encouraging all of our members to participate supporting this humanitarian effort.

Please consider making a donation for Ukraine or other countries who are opening their borders to provide safe haven for the people of Ukraine. provides a website to donate directly or to host a family if and when these refugees reach our shores.

More information from our National Partners at Rent Responsibly including how to best determine which host sites to donate/ book with (Host GPO):

Like the rest of the world, our hearts have been with Ukraine these last few weeks. At its foundation, the beauty of travel is the human connection and cultural exchange that comes only by looking through someone else’s literal and figurative windows.

It’s this pulling back of the curtain to other views and ways of life that makes our industry uniquely and powerfully positioned to respond to crises at home and abroad. Rent Responsibly is nothing if not an ardent champion for our shared community bound by good neighborliness. We have been inspired by our community’s swift response to help our neighbors in Ukraine by doing what we do best: providing hospitality any and every way we can.

This issue is dedicated to the people of Ukraine and the growing list of efforts to support them. If you can, we invite you to participate in the efforts linked in this newsletter, including:

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please share additional efforts in our Facebook Group or via We’re building out a hub of resources at, so check back often for more there.


What a wonderful gift it is to work in the travel and hospitality space, a gift that must be shared now more than ever.
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