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Below are also some of the "HOT TOPICS" touched on in each of the ordinances, 2018 through to 2024. You will want to ensure your STR unit follows each of the rules or regulations mentioned below. There are additional criteria that must be met, beyond what is mentioned below. Refer to the Inspection Checklist provided by the City of Fredericksburg for more detailed information.

2024 STR Ordinance

Adopted January 1, 2024

2022 STR Ordinance

Adopted April 1, 2022

2018 STR Ordinance

Adopted April 1, 2018

Inspection Checklist

You will want to review this checklist IN DETAIL prior to scheduling your Inspection. Failure of any one item will result in the STR owner having to pay $75 for a new inspection.

ETJ and the City Zoning Map

The “ETJ” stands for Extra-territorial Jurisdiction, and is the area within one mile of the City Limits of Fredericksburg. The City enforces its Subdivision Ordinance and Sign Regulations within the ETJ. 


An STR permit is not currently required for STR’s located in the ETJ.


Please note, you are required to remit HOT to the City of Fredericksburg if your STR unit is located in the ETJ. To determine if your STR is in the ETJ, please click here to access the Zoning Map.  

City HOT Remittance Form

City of Fredericksburg Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) is calculated as 7% of your nightly rental plus additional fees such as cleaning and management, to name a few. Speak with your CPA to ensure you are paying the correct amount.


HOT must be paid quarterly.

Noise Ordinance

Page 80 of the 2022 Ordinance

(Exhibit M, page 2 of 5)

Quiet Hours: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am

Max - 55 dB

This is equivalent to a dishwasher running or a coffeemaker percolating. The average quiet two-person conversation is 60+ dB


Each STR use shall have one or more signs posted in prominent locations in the rear yard, near pools, hot tubs, and fire pits, and near other common gathering areas, providing the occupants and guests with notice of the Nighttime Hours, as set forth in Section 20-207 of the City's Noise and Sound Level Regulation ordinance.

Trash & Solid Waste

Page 80 of the 2022 Ordinance

(Exhibit M, page 2 of 5)


Each STR shall provide a minimum of one (1) ninety-six gallon (96 gal) bulk garbage container capacity, or equivalent, for every six (6) occupants, based on the maximum permitted occupancy for the STR.

  • This subsection shall apply to all new and existing STRs.

  • This requirement does not apply to those properties that utilize commercial trash pickup or dumpsters.

Residential garbage collection is provided once weekly. Your garbage should be placed at your designated curb location for pickup by 7:00 am. Please make certain the arrow is pointing toward the street (wheels to the curb). If your collection day falls on a holiday, it will be picked up as usual.


To determine parking limitations, you must first know what year your STR is permitted under. 


2024 STR Ordinance - One off-street parking spot per bedroom, tandem is allowed.

2022 STR Ordinance - One off-street parking spot per bedroom. 

2018 STR Ordinance - One off-street parking spot per unit.

Apply for a New STR Permit

The link above will take you directly to the MGO website, where you can apply for your permit. However, we advise you go to our "New to STR?" page specifically detailing preparations required prior to applying for your permit.

Renew your STR Permit

Renewal should be applied for 30-60 days prior to expiration of current permit.


Transfer of Permit to New Owner

Must be applied for within ninety (90) days from the purchase of property.


State Hotel Tax

Texas State HOT is 6% of the nightly rental rate (plus fees). Speak with your CPA to ensure you are paying to correct amount.


State Hotel Tax is typically paid quarterly. However, depending on your rental income, they may require it to be paid monthly. 

Outdoor Lighting

Page 79 of the 2022 Ordinance

(Exhibit M, page 1 of 5)

All external lighting shall comply with the City's Outdoor Lighting ordinance set forth in Article XV of Chapter 5 (Buildings and Building Regulations) of the City Code of Ordinances.

* Requirements set forth in the International Dark Sky Association community guidelines. 

Water Conservation

Water use is dependent upon what DROUGHT STAGE we are in. Follow link above to stay aware and adjust your watering schedule appropriately.

Please consider Registering with Sensus Analytics to monitor the water usage at your property.

Follow this link for more details regarding water usage. BE AWARE - It is not uncommon for sprinkler systems to reset themselves after a power outage. This could result in you receiving a fine for watering on the incorrect day or time.


To determine proper occupancy limits, you must first know what year your STR is permitted under. 


2024 STR Ordinance

2 per bedroom, plus 2 – max of 12 guests, all ages

2022 STR Ordinance

2 per bedroom, plus 2 – max of 12 guests, age 18 or older

2018 STR Ordinance

200 sq ft per person -  NOTE: When considering square footage and sleeping arrangements. A bedroom must be a minimum of 70 SqFt for one person and an additional 50 SqFt for each additional occupant.

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