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Host Membership

FBGTXSTRA Host Membership




Host Membership is open to any person who owns or operates a vacation home or short-term rental in or around Fredericksburg, and supports the mission statement of FBGTXSTRA. Host Members may serve as committee members, board members, or officers. Host Members receive all member services and may vote on organization matters and may vote to elect board members and officers. Host membership must be renewed annually in order to maintain member benefits.

Host Member

Activities & Events

Host Members get important updates on STR regulations, FBGTXSTRA activities, and industry news via periodic newsletters, and free access to all FBGTXSTRA events.

Political Representation.

Host Members get voting power at annual meetings to ensure FBGTXSTRA is representing their interests and protecting their property rights in all state & local policy matters.

Valuable Resources.

Host Members get exclusive access to all the tools, resources, webinars, and networking opportunities needed to run a responsible and profitable STR business in Fredericksburg.

Free Marketing

Host Members may choose to have their STR business(es) added to the FBGTXSTRA online directory of Fredericksburg rentals; free promotion and credibility your guests will love.

State & Local Advocacy

FBGTXSTRA advocates on behalf of Host Members for the preservation of property rights and for the legal protection of short-term rentals in Fredericksburg.

FBGTXSTRA Affiliate Membership




Affiliate Memberships offer a non-voting membership option to any person or business that provides a service to property owners in and around Fredericksburg and supports the mission statement of the FBGTXSTRA. Affiliate Members may serve as committee members but not board members or officers. Affiliate Members must renew membership annually to maintain member benefits.

Affiliate Member

Community Networking

Affiliate Members can participate in FBGTXSTRA committees and member discussions to network with hundreds of hosts and generate community support to preserve Fredericksburg STRs.

Activities and Events

Affiliate Members get important updates on STR regulations, FBGTXSTRA activities, and industry news via periodic newsletters, and private members-only events.

Affiliate Membership

Coming Soon!

- Host Spotlight -

Here we will introduce you to one of our outstanding Alliance Member Hosts and show you their beautiful STR property. 

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