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Hospitality and
Good Policy

Tuesday, February 8, 2022, the STR Alliance held the long-awaited Hospitality and Good Policy Summit. Don't worry if you weren't able to attend. Simply follow this link to view the Summit in its entirety on YouTube.

We had the Mayor along with members of the city council, planning & zoning and our current and former state representatives in attendance. We greatly appreciate our city leaders who chose to attend, along with our city staff for their participation with this event. Thank you!

What happens once the ordinance is passed?

When this ordinance is passed, our organization is not going anywhere. We absolutely will remain committed to this cause and will be a part of the hospitality conversation in Fredericksburg moving into the future. We live here, we work here, we stand for Fredericksburg!



The time, effort and energy that went into the Hospitality and Good Policy Summit was significant. We welcomed questions and comments from both sides of the isle. The overall response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few of the comments we have personally received after the event took place:

  • Never before in our history has our town had a citizen’s group formed like this - keep up the good work

  • I don’t care for STRs in our town, but it’s clear that there is a place here for them.

  • Please thank the Alliance for me, for everything you have done for this community.

  • I had to watch remotely, thank you all for taking the lead in exposing our investments and contributions to the city and our citizens.

  • Thank you all for putting yourselves on the line for this important discussion.

  • I was so impressed how professional the event was and how the information was presented.



When considering sweeping and potentially restrictive STR ordinances, it should be made with the full understanding of the impacts on Fredericksburg taxpayers, local businesses and the many employees who are affected by this work. 

For that reason, we brought in Jon Hockenyos, President of TXP Inc., to present his study outlining the impacts for the City of Fredericksburg jobs and city budget.

Click here to access your copy of "The Economic Impact of Short Term Rentals in Fredericksburg/Gillespie County."

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Click here to view the Hospitality and Good Policy Summit in its entirety on YouTube. 


The purpose of the STR Ordinance is to establish regulations for the use of privately owned dwellings as Short Term Rentals, to minimize negative ancillary impact on surrounding properties, and to ensure the collection and payment of Hotel Occupancy Taxes.


The City of Fredericksburg defines Short-Term Rentals (STRs) as a privately owned dwelling, including but not limited to, a single family dwelling, multiple family attached dwelling, apartment house, condominium, duplex, mobile home, or any portion of such dwellings, rented by the public for consideration, and used for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes for any period less than thirty (30) days.

A Short-Term Rental Permit must be issued by the City of Fredericksburg authorizing the use of a privately owned dwelling as a Short-Term Rental.

Click here to read the STR FAQ's and Fact Sheet provided by city officials.


Please take a few minutes to view our video highlighting a few of the 2099+ people employed in the STR industry here in Fredericksburg. We appreciate every one of you!


A special thank you to each of our speakers and to Traeger Fuhrmann of Wingman Imagery!