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Letter from the President: STR Task Force Update

Good afternoon, On November 1, 2022, Mayor Hoover opened the city council session with a statement indicating that the city would be tabling the issues of STR permit sunsetting, moratoriums and non-transference of permits for the short term. He then recommended to the council to empanel a small group of citizens to work together to provide recommendations back to the city for further deliberation and action. The STR Task force is to be a 90-day effort and will be chaired by Mayor Hoover who will be attending each meeting.

The selected Task Force members are all residents of Fredericksburg and are listed below along with their affiliations.

Mimi Bartel - Century 21/The Hills Realty Randy Briley - STR Alliance President Mike Mahoney - Neighborhood Coalition member Belinda McDonnell - STR owner and STR Alliance founding member Tami Smith - Absolute Charm reservation company manager

Bill Snyder - Neighborhood coalition member

Our first meeting took place today. The meeting was cordial and covered a wide range of issues relating to the city as a whole including affordable housing, as well as balancing our neighborhoods with the proper management of short-term rentals. Several items that were mutually agreed upon was to support more effective code enforcement with additional follow-up and review of the Granicus hospitality software currently in use.

I am optimistic and believe that this approach and this task force can have a positive impact to help resolve a number of issues that this city currently facing. I also believe that the mayor and city council are open to our input, and I look forward to participating with this effort.

Lastly, the action request:

For the next three weeks, the city will be soliciting stories from people who live near residential zoned STRs, to submit their experiences to

We want them to hear everyone's story, both good and bad. Please take a moment to tell your personal story and provide some constructive feedback.

The FBGTXSTRA team will provide additional updates as we make process here.


Randy Briley

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