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Letter from the President: Call to Action

Updated: Jan 27

Since June 2021 our group has volunteered close to 3,000 hours to provide:

  • Draft input on all versions of the ordinance.

  • Conducted 2 open door sessions to educate owners and residences.

  • Fund and present the Good Policy and Jobs Summit in February.

  • Created a Best Practices Guide for STR owners and prospective owners.

  • Acted as a sounding board for City Staff on STR matters.

  • Conduct numerous meetings with the mayor, council and city staff as well as those opposing STRs.

After 11 months of work by the Alliance, our members and partners, our goals have always focused on constructive efforts to work with our neighbors as well as city government to provide guidance to craft a fair and balanced STR policy.

The 2018 STR ordinance was fair and balanced, but simply not enforced by the city. Poor civil execution of any current or future ordinance should not involve the punishment of its citizens and result in the loss of anyone’s individual’s property rights.

My concern is that the 2022 STR ordinance is designed to reduce STRs in R1 and set criteria to potentially pull existing STR permits in all zones. Tourists will simply be moved the numerous hotels breaking ground in our town.

We know our opponents and two council members will be calling for the elimination of all STRs in R1 and possibly R2 – new and existing. They will be at Monday’s council meeting in full force. We must match and exceed their attendance and voice for the council to give weight to our views.

On Monday March 7th at the Law Enforcement Center 1601 E. Main St, please arrive by 5:30 sharp to sign up to speak on the importance of your property rights and impact that this will have on you and your family.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved and so supportive of this important issue.

Randy Briley

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